How to Change the World

Changing the world is what you dream about when you’re seventeen.  You’ve just graduated from high school, you know all there is to know, and you’re ready to make the world a better place.  What confidence — what arrogance to think that you can re-make the world.  And here am I, Devonavar, and my little blog here is going to do just that.

That’s not bravado.  It’s not naïvité.  I recognize that I’m not going to fix the world.  It’s not broken.  But I am going to change it — I change it just by being here.  I have no idea whether anything I write here will create the changes I would like to see.  That’s not the point.  The point isn’t to re-shape the world according to some grand overarching vision.  I’m not here to bend the rest of the world to my will.  I can only bend myself.  But that’s enough.  The choices I make will change me, and the world will change around me because I am a different person.

Let’s talk a bit about ego.  Writing a blog is an egoistic endeavour.  It takes a bit of an ego to think the world will be interested in what I have to say.  It takes more than a bit of ego to think it will be interested in what I have to say about myself.  And yet…

And yet this isn’t just a blog about me.  It is a blog about how to live.  My whole generation and I are in a unique position.  We have the freedom, more than any other recent generation, to truly choose how we are going to live.  We are free to marry and have kids, to live alone, or to stay with our parents.  We are free to cross gender lines, to live as homosexuals or heterosexuals or pansexuals or asexuals.  We are free to choose our vocation, to dedicate our lives to our careers as we become nuclear physicists or speech therapists or video game coders.  We are free to travel the world, to explore and adopt new cultures, or to stay home and live on the same small town block for fifty years.  We are free to be Christians or atheists or Scientologists or Buddhists.  We are the product of generation after generation which threw off the shackles of tradition throughout the twentieth century.

We have the freedom to live almost any lifestyle imaginable, and no tradition, no authority, no social mores are going to tell us otherwise.  Isn’t that … terrifying?  We have no model for how to live; the models of the past are broken, and the models of the future aren’t invented yet.  We have to make them up as we go along.

And that’s what this is about.  This is a blog about how to live, but I don’t know how that is.  I’m not going to tell you how to live.  My life is an experiment, and these are my lab notes.  The only variable I can change is myself, and that’s what I intend to do.  I am going to make changes in myself and write about the results, and those results are going to change the world.  For the better, I hope.

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 How to Change the World by Devonavar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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